Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Patch Name: Yoda Update

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 1,172 KB

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 2/97

Installation: Double-click on the "yopatch6.exe" file to begin the installation.

Corrects: Fixes problems related to various zones and minor art modifications.

Notes: The Yopatch6.exe update is a self-extracting file which will extract a single file, Yodesk.dta into the directory location specified by the user. This updated file corrects problems that you may encounter in Yoda Stories playing in zones #72, #236, #407, #473, #474, and #572. In order to use this update, you need to make sure that the game is installed to the hard drive (since the game can also be played directly off of the CD), and then extract & overwrite or copy the new Yodesk.dta file into the game's folder on the hard drive, replacing the older version of this file which is installed by the game during the game installation. The location of this file if you used the default installation path for Yoda Stories is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Yoda".

File: YOPATCH6.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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