Star Wars: Episode I Racer

Patch Name: 1.0.1 Update

Platform: Mac

Format: CD-ROM



Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 2/00

Installation: To install the Star Wars: Episode I Racer v.1.01 patch, copy the application "Star Wars Episode I Racer" into the installed folder on your hard drive. Copy the file "Switches.txt" into the Data folder within your installed folder. (Allow the Finder to replace files with the same name.)


  • 3D accelerator cards using 3dfx Voodoo2/Voodoo3 chipsets will run without 32-bit Z buffering enabled (see 16-bit buffer Setting in updated Switches.txt file)
  • Mouse enabled in game menus
  • Added ability to manually calibrate joysticks
  • Updated Read Me file with latest troubleshooting information

Notes: This update is for the Retail version only.

File: RACEMAC101.SIT.HQX (LucasArts FTP Site)Download Now!

File: RACEMAC101.SIT.BIN (LucasArts FTP Site)Download Now! 

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