For PC:
Outlaws D3D Update 
2.0.1 Update
2.0 Update
3Dfx Glide 2.3 Update for Hercules Stingray 3D
1.1 Update

For PC Demo:
Multiplayer Update


Patch Name: Outlaws D3D Update 

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 196 KB

Min. Requirements: Outlaws 1.1 and 2.0 updates installed. 

Outlaws 2.0.1 if your experiencing Multiplayer issues.

Posted: 7/2001

Installation: Instructions for Installing the Outlaws D3D Update 
When you run OutlawsUpdate.exe, the installer will search for the folder where you originally installed Outlaws. If the update does not find Outlaws on your system, you will need to reinstall the game from it's original CD before running the update. 

NOTE: If your original CD is version 1.0, we recommend that you download and install the 2.0.1 update from the LucasArts web site at http: \\support.lucasarts.com to update to the most recent version of Outlaws. You must install version 2.0 before installing 2.0.1.

Outlaws D3D Update provides hardware 3D acceleration support for video cards featuring 3D hardware and DirectX compatible drivers. You will not be able to use this update if your system does not meet this criteria.

To use the D3D driver:

  1. Open the Outlaws Launcher 
  2. Select "Select Video Mode" 
  3. Select "Direct3D (HW Accelerated)" from the "Display Driver" window to select the D3D driver. 
  4. Click on one of the "Available Modes" to select a desired screen resolution for the game. 
  5. Click the "OK" button to return to the launcher. 
  6. Click the "Play Outlaws" button to begin the game. 

Corrects: This update for the game has been modified to: 

  • Provide support for the D3D portion of the DirectX API. 
  • Provide support for Windows2000 

NOTE: DirectX 8.0 or higher is required for Windows 2000 

  • Provide support for screen resolutions up to 1600x1200

Known issues:

  • Outlaws Version 1.1 or higher is required for use with this update. 
  • Textures may be missing from the faces of waterfalls. 
  • Video cards containing a nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS chipset may experience a crash to the desktop in the SinglePlayer Saw Mill Level. There is no fix for this issue at the time of release of this update. This level can be completed using this video chipset. 


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Patch Name: 2.0.1 Update

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 697 KB

Min. Requirements: Outlaws 1.1 and 2.0 updates installed.

Posted: 6/98

Installation: In order to use this update, you must have Outlaws 2.0 already installed. If you do not have Outlaws 2.0, you can download the necessary update below. You will need to download the 1.1 update and the 2.0 update and install them in that order before installing this 2.0.1 update.

To install the update after downloading, simply double-click the update program "olupd201.exe" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Corrects: This update addresses the following issues:

  • Address the problem with the inability to join multiplayer games if running under Windows 98.
  • Address the problem with the Outlaws 2.0 COMBO version not being able to enter the Outlaws game lobbies on the Internet Gaming Zone.

Notes: This update for Outlaws is compatible with version 2.0 in multiplayer games and on the Internet Gaming Zone. All players do not need to have the update installed.

File: OLUPD201.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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Patch Name: 2.0 Update

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 5,504 KB

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 9/97

Installation: After downloading the update, simply double-click on the "outlaws_missions.exe" file to begin the installation.

Corrects: You must have the Outlaws v.1.1 update installed on your computer before installing this update. First install the original version, then version 1.1, and then install this update.

Outlaws v.2.0 is not network compatible with Outlaws v.1.x. All players must be using the same version of Outlaws to play a multiplayer game.

This update provides 4 new single-player levels and 5 new multiplayer levels.

The new single-player levels include:

  • Civil War: Your orders are to track down Sam Kenny, a renegade masquerading as a lieutenant for the Confederacy.
  • Wharf Town: Go after William "Billy Bear" Dorsey and his gang of raiders who are terrorizing a Missouri wharf town,
  • Spanish Villa: Bring in, dead or alive, "Spooky" Patrick Crow and his gang holed up in an abandoned Spanish villa.
  • Ice Caves: Pursue ex-confederate soldier Charlie Ford and his gang through dangerous ice caves in the Rocky Mountains.

When you kill the Outlaw, you will get a message saying "Mission Completed". At this point you can continue to explore the level or hit ESC to return to the Main Menu.

To access these missions, please follow the instructions provided in the manual under the "Historical Missions area.

The new multiplayer levels include:

  • Bunkers: Based on the first half of the Civil War level
  • Buckshotville: Based on the second half of the Civil War level
  • Hargrove's Pattern Repair: A run down abandoned house
  • Orleans: Loosely based on the Wharf level
  • Thud's Tower: A western version of a medieval castle

Once you install the update, not all of the new levels will appear in the box where you choose your level. To see them, just click on the carets at the top or bottom of the box, then scroll through the list to choose the level.

This update fixes:

  • a keyboard configuration problem with the numeric keypad, where certain keys could not be configured correctly.
  • a graphical problem in 3Dfx/Glide mode that produced large sections of missing textures after saving and loading in certain areas.

Additional features of this update:

  • Gamma control has been added to the Glide Driver. You can use ALT and ALT - to control this.
  • Outlaws v.2.0 is fully compatible with DirectX 5.0.

Notes: None


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Patch Name: 3Dfx Glide 2.3 Update for Hercules Stingray 3D

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 44 KB

Min. Requirements: Hercules Stingray 3D

Posted: 8/97

Installation: Double-click on the LECGL23.EXE file to decompress the update. When you extract the LECGL23.EXE, it creates a folder labeled LECGLIDE23 and extracts two files (ReadMe and Glide 2.3 driver). Copy the two files from the LECGLIDE23 folder to the Outlaws folder on your hard drive. If you do not copy or move the files from the LECGLIDE23 folder, the game will not list the new video mode in the launcher.

Corrects: Adds support for the Hercules Stingray 3D video card.

Notes: If you are using a 3Dfx card other than the Hercules Stingray 3D, we recommend obtaining the current 3D drivers from the video card's manufacturer.

File: LECGL23.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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Patch Name: Multiplayer Update

Platform: PC

Format: Downloadable Demo

Size: 8,796 KB

Min. Requirements: Outlaws On-Line Demo

Posted: 5/97

Installation: Double-click on the OUTMULTI.EXE file to decompress and install the multiplayer update.

Corrects: Adds multiplayer capabilities to the previously released on-line demo of Outlaws.

Notes: The update is for the Outlaws On-Line Demo only. You must install the single player Outlaws On-Line Demo before installing the Multiplayer Update. You should install the multiplayer patch into the same directory you created for the original demo.

File: OUTMULTI.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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Patch Name: 1.1 Update

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 3,116 KB

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 5/97

Installation: Double-click on the "OL_v11.exe" file to begin the installation.





This driver provides hardware 3D acceleration support for cards based on the 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics chipset.

Currently supported cards include:


  • Diamond Monster 3D
  • Orchid Righteous 3D


This driver is an alternative to the DirectSound driver, which is not compatible with some systems. If you are not experiencing any problems with DirectSound, you should continue using it instead of the Multimedia Sound driver.


This driver provides direct support for full 3D sound on cards that support the Aureal API. Currently supported cards include:

  • Diamond Monster Sound


    This TCP/IP driver is an alternative to the DirectPlay TCP/IP driver, and may provide improved network and Internet performance.

    Windows Sockets is NOT compatible with DirectPlay, so if you use Windows Sockets, everyone else must be using it as well. Windows Sockets' features include:

    • Improved Internet performance over DirectPlay TCP/IP.
    • Remembers the ten most recent host IP Addresses of games you have joined.
    • Allows you to add a description after the IP Address. This will be saved so that you can easily remember what each saved address on the list is for. See the Enabling the Windows Sockets Network Driver section of this Readme for details.
    • Allows Internet games to be played through a firewall. See the Alternate Network Drivers section of the Outlaws Troubleshooting Guide for details.


The game host can hit Alt-Y to bring up the text box, then type in "Boot:playername" (no space after the colon), and it boots that player from the game.


  • Displays the level name.
  • Displays the game type.
  • Displays the number of players (in the game/maximum number).
  • Displays who the game was started by (computer name).
  • Displays the game time (length in hours: minutes: seconds).
  • Displays the ping time to the host (in milliseconds).

    NOTE: The ping feature is only available while using the Windows Sockets network driver.


    This feature functions differently, depending on which network driver you are using.


    • Windows Sockets: Host and clients will display the IP address of the computer that is hosting the game.
    • DirectPlay TCP/IP: Only the host will display the Host IP Address while in the Lobby. If the host is connected to more than one TCP/IP connection at the same time (i.e. TCP/IP LAN and TCP/IP Internet), both IP Addresses will be displayed. If you are giving out your IP Address to other players so they may join your Internet game, you must be sure to give them the address that corresponds to your Internet connection. See the 'Playing LucasArts Games on the Internet' card for information about identifying your IP Address.


    It is now possible to play Outlaws without installing DirectX at all. Use the MGL driver for video, the Multimedia Sound driver for sound, and the WinSock driver for network play.



  • A save/restore bug that would sometimes give you an infinite-duration sheriff's star has been fixed.* if you try to join a game as the host is shutting it down, your game no longer crashes but gives a "Server Connection Lost" message.
  • The numeric keypad is now active in the Multiplayer Options screen.
  • Players are no longer getting outrageously high super jumps (this was seen especially in the canyon level).
  • A rare crash associated with sending text messages in multiplayer games has been fixed.
  • A bug where players playing on the Internet Game Zone were not always getting their scoresheets at the end of the game has been fixed.
  • The savegame screen is no longer corrupted when playing in 800x600.
  • A bug where players would sometimes not flash yellow when they were cheating in a multiplayer game has been fixed.
  • A bug where you would crash if you had the text box up when a multiplayer game ended and then you went into another game, has been fixed.


Enabling Accelerated 3D Graphics

      To set up the 3Dfx Glide Driver:

    1. Go to the Outlaws Launcher.
    2. Choose Change Video Mode.
    3. Click on 3Dfx Glide under Display Driver.
    4. Click on one of the available video modes.
    5. Click OK to return to the launcher.
    6. Click on Play Outlaws to begin the game.

    Enabling Multimedia Sound

      To set up the Multimedia Sound Driver:


      1. From the Outlaws Launcher Menu, click on Troubleshooting.
      2. Click on Change Sound Driver.
      3. Click on Multimedia Sound under Sound Driver.
      4. Click OK to save changes.
      5. Click on Done from the Troubleshooting Menu.
      6. Click on Play Outlaws to begin the game.

    Enabling Enhanced 3D Positional Sound

      To set up the Aureal A3D Interactive Sound Driver:

      1. From the Outlaws Launcher Menu, click on Troubleshooting.
      2. Click on Change Sound Driver.
      3. Click on Aureal A3D Interactive under Sound Driver.
      4. Click OK to save changes.
      5. Click on Done from the Troubleshooting Menu.
      6. Click on Play Outlaws to begin the game.

    Enabling the Windows Sockets Network Driver

      To set up the Windows Sockets Network Driver:


      1. Go to the Outlaws Launcher Menu.
      2. Click on Play Outlaws to begin the game.
      3. Go to the Outlaws Main Menu.
      4. Choose Multiplayer.
      5. Choose Windows Sockets under Drivers.
      6. The only available connection option will be TCP/IP.
      7. Click on Configure and choose which local IP Address to use. See the Alternate Network Drivers section of the Outlaws Troubleshooting Guide for details.
      8. Click on Host Game or Join Game.
      9. If you are joining a LAN game, just leave the IP address window blank and click Accept.
      10. If you are joining an Internet game, you must enter the IP Address of the game's host. Following the IP Address you can type a brief description that will be saved with the IP Address for future reference.
      11. Please consult the Outlaws manual and Online Troubleshooting Guide for more information on Hosting or Joining games.



Black Screen or Screen Appears Frozen

    If you end up at a black screen or the screen appears frozen, please press ESC, Space Bar, or Enter before trying anything else.

Additional Information Related to the Installation


  • Installing Outlaws to a directory with an unusually large name may cause problems with the installation, or during the game.
  • Never minimize the installation screen while the files are being copied to your hard drive. This is known to cause the installer to lock-up when it is 99% complete. This will force you to cancel the installation, and restart the process from the beginning.
  • Please make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive in order to play Outlaws. For example, we've found that if you have less than 13 MB of space left on your hard drive, you will not be able to start the game.

    See the Online Troubleshooting Guide for more information regarding free hard disk space requirements.

Alternatives to DirectX

    If you are experiencing problems with DirectX, refer to the Online Troubleshooting Guide for alternative drivers.


Laptop Systems


    We did not test Outlaws with laptop systems and therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility. The reason that we do not test with laptop systems is because of the wide variety of hardware configurations that ship with the laptop systems of today, it would be impossible to configure a game that would work with all of them. Many laptops are limited in their ability to be used as a gaming machine because of memory configurations, their microchannel architecture, port configurations (i.e. no place for a joystick) and "sound systems" that are primarily designed to be used with productivity software.

    The other common problem is that laptop systems will attempt to compress the traditional version of the standard 101 function keyboard (found on almost all desktop systems) into a much smaller key configuration. This is usually done by relying on multi-function keys that allow the user to assign different functions to the same key. Unfortunately, this has been known to cause problems with our games.

Task Switching (using CTRL ALT DELETE or ALT TAB)


    We highly recommend that you avoid using the CTRL ALT DELETE combination during the game. If it is used during a cutscene, there is a good chance that you will cause a looping sound, which will be there until you completely exit the game.

    If the CTRL ALT DELETE combination is used during other parts of the game, it is likely to cause lock-ups, crashes, or other problems.

    If you do need to return to the desktop, try using the ALT TAB combination. If you are playing in 320 x 200, we recommend that you do not task switch during the game.

Game Crash Issues


    If at any time during the game, you experience a crash, you MUST reboot your system before you try to restart the game. If you do not reboot your system, you may encounter problems related to the original crash.

Pausing the Game During the Cutscenes


    You can pause the game during the cutscenes by pressing the spacebar. To unpause it, and resume the game, press the spacebar again.



Difficulty Settings

    Here is a little more information about the three level settings that are available:

    GOOD: The "Good" setting is designed with the first-time player in mind. The gameplay, power-ups and enemy placement, and damage multiplier are set to teach a new player how to maneuver, sight enemies and use power-up resources, without gratuitously punishing them for making blunders such as stepping into a room packed with enemies. The "Good" setting is intended to make the game enjoyable, but not particularly challenging.

    BAD: More often than not, the "Bad" setting will feature more enemies in any given area, than those that would be encountered on the "Good" setting. Occasionally, these enemies will have heightened health, or different power-ups. Bad is intended to be more challenging, but still not extremely difficult.

    UGLY: "Ugly" is designed to be especially challenging. When the game is set to Ugly, you will only be able to endure one or two shots before you are killed. However, you will also be given increased accuracy when targeting enemies. The enemies, though quite deadly to you, will most often drop in one shot. Health and power-up items are difficult to find, but occasionally rewarding (i.e. more Elixirs than you would generally expect).

    In general, Ugly is for the experienced player who enjoys the strategic elements of creeping around and staying hidden (someone who enjoys using their head, as well as their pistol!).

Cannot Shoot Characters Above/Below You

    If you are experiencing difficulties shooting characters above or below you, even though you have your cross hair sight of your scope pointed directly at them, you should try adjusting the angle at which you are firing. If the outlaw is above you, try aiming a little above his head. If the outlaw is below you, aim somewhere below his feet.

Level Boss Icons on "GOOD" difficulty

    When playing the game on the GOOD setting, you will be able to locate the level bosses by looking at your map (which can be activated by pressing the TAB key during the game). The level boss will appear as a small yellow triangle, that will will turn red when you get close to confronting them.

    The bosses will only appear on your map on the GOOD setting. When playing the game on BAD or UGLY, this feature is not active.

Moving When Using the Rifle Scope

    When you have the rifle scope up, if you use the keyboard to turn you'll turn very slowly (this will allow you to make very precise movements when lining up the cross hairs). If you use the mouse to turn, you'll turn at normal speed.



Playing Outlaws With a Mouse


    If you would like to play Outlaws with both the mouse and the keyboard, we have provided a second set of default keyboard keys that work optimally with a mouse-keyboard combination. The default mouse settings and secondary keyboard settings are as follows:

    W = Walk Forward
    S = Walk Backward
    A = Sidestep Left
    D = Sidestep Right
    Q = Fire 2
    E = Jump
    C = Crouch
    Move Mouse Left = Turn Left
    Move Mouse Right = Turn Right
    Move Mouse Up = Look Up
    Move Mouse down = Look Down
    Left Mouse button = Fire 1
    Right Mouse button = Reload Weapon

    Some advanced users may want to flip the Y-Axis in the Mouse configuration so that Mouse Up=Look Down and Mouse Down=Look Up. To view these settings or customize them to your taste, go to the Keyboard or Mouse configuration screen in the game by selecting OPTIONS from the MAIN MENU and then clicking on KEYBOARD or MOUSE (the secondary keys are listed in the right hand column on the Keyboard configuration screen).


For additional information on configuring a multiplayer game, please consult the Outlaws manual, Online Troubleshooting Guide, and check out www.rebelhq.com for the latest multiplayer information.

 Players Should Have Different Names


    If more then one player has the same name, not all players will appear on the scoresheet after you have completed a multiplayer game. Instead, only one of the players will be listed.

    To allow for the game to be accurate when keeping track of character's kills, all players should use a different name.

Notes: Due to several significant changes in the system, Outlaws version 1.1 is not network compatible with the initial Outlaws release. You will not be able to join games that are hosted by servers running Outlaws 1.0, nor will games that you host be joinable by those still using Outlaws 1.0.

Users of Internet Gaming Zone will soon be required to be using version 1.1, so we strongly recommend that you upgrade immediately and encourage everyone else to do so as well.

Although we are providing an alternative network driver with this release of Outlaws, the Internet Gaming Zone REQUIRES the original DirectPlay driver, and will auto- matically select it if Outlaws is run through the Zone. This means that you must have DirectX installed on your machine if you wish to play Outlaws via the Internet Gaming Zone.

File: OL_V11.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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