Patch Name: Roland Upgrade

Platform: PC

Format: Floppy Disk

Size: 87 KB

Min. Requirements: Roland Sound Card

Posted: 5/90

Installation: This update will prompt you for the location of the game (where to install the patch), so have this information available before double-clicking on the update file.


Double-click on the "loomup.exe" file to begin the installation.


In this example, we have Loom installed on our "C" drive and in the "Loom" directory. Type "loomup.exe c:\Loom" and hit the ENTER key. Before the decompression process can begin, you will receive a prompt that states "Unzip file? [Y|N]", hit the "Y" key to continue.

Corrects: Adds GMIDI and Roland drivers.

Notes: The LOOM ROLAND UPGRADE requires an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, Tandy or 100% compatible with CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA or Tandy 16-color graphics; 640K RAM; and a hard disk drive. You'll also need either a Roland MT-32 Sound Module or a Roland LAPC-1 Sound Card with appropriate connections, amplifiers and loudspeakers."Save game" files made while playing LOOM with Roland sound are NOT compatible with save files made without Roland sound. Don't try to load into your system save files made on a non-Roland system. Also, do not load the save files YOU make into a system without the same equipment.

File: LOOMUP.EXE (LucasArts FTP Site)

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