Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

For PC: 1.01 Update

Patch Name: 1.01 Update

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 11.0MB

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 11/03

Installation: After downloading the update, double click on JKAcademy1_01.exe to install. The installer will automatically search for the folder where you originally installed Jedi Academy and install all of the updates. If the update does not locate Jedi Academy
on your system, you may need to reinstall the game from the original CD and then run the JKAcademy1_01.exe.

NOTE: This patch is completely compatible with old single player save game files. All Multiplayer users must use Jedi Academy version 1.01.

This update for the game has been modified to correct:


  • Correct an issue that caused Internet servers to time-out too early on the master server list.

  • Correct an issue that caused various movement sounds not to play consistently (footsteps, rolling, etc...)

  • Correct various exploits, including one that allows for illegal character models.

  • Correct an issue that occurred when disabling the second saber icon that appears over the player's head.

  • Correct an issue that allowed the rocket launcher to lock on after death.

  • Correct an issue that prevents the camera shake when you are hit by an explosive.

  • Correct the roll animation.

Single Player:

  • Correct an issue that allowed a player to select a force power that is already at the maximum setting.

  • Correct an animation issue that occurred when enemies force push you while executing a special move.

  • Correct various rag-doll issues.

  • Correct an issue that caused your skill level to reset when resetting defaults in the game.

  • Correct an issue that prevented the Single Player game from starting.


  • Fixed dynamic glow performance for new ATI drivers 

NOTE: if you are experiencing low framerate, go into the Setup/More Video section and change dynamic glow to off.

  • Force feedback now defaults to off.

    IMPORTANT: If you experience hiccupping while playing, especially during light-saber battles, go into the Control, Mouse/Joystick section and set force feedback to "No".

    NOTE: Gravis gamepad users should turn force feedback to off. The current Gravis drivers are not compatible with 
    Jedi Academy and will cause the game to crash.

  • Provides updated EAX 4.0 sound support.

File Version: JKAcademy1_01.exe (LucasArts FTP Site)

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