Star Wars Republic Commando

For PC: 1.0 update

Patch Name: RepComm1_00.exe

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM NOTE: The patch is a downloadable exe.

Size: 2.85 MB (2,998,909 bytes)

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 04/05/05

Installation: This is a self extracting exe. Double-clicking on this file installs the patch.

This update addresses the following:

  • Adds an additional Multiplayer map, Hangar. This map is suitable for up to 16 players and can be played in all supported multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Assault). This level features multiple pathways throughout the level, including an area of Zero Gravity outside the ship.
  • NOTE: Players who do not have this map installed will not be able to join a server that has Hangar as the currently loaded map. If these players attempt to join such a server they will be returned to the Multiplayer menu.
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