Star Wars Battlefront

I'm encountering general performance, crash/lockups, or error messages when selecting 1280x960 or higher display mode settings in the game. What can I do?

  • Some cards may have issues when running the game after selecting 1280 x 960 or higher for the In-Game Resolution, especially when using a 64 MB graphics card. You may experience severe hitching, a generally poor framerate, or occasional lock ups or crashes. 

If any of these issues occur when playing Star Wars Battlefront, please select a lower resolution.

  • The game may also crash to the desktop or display an error message when you attempt to start a game after changing resolutions in the Video Options menu. This occurs if your monitor or its driver does not support the resolution you selected.

If this occurs, you may need to delete the vidmode.ini file in the Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\ Data\_LVL_PC folder before restarting the game. You may need to select the correct driver for your monitor or install the Windows Plug and Play driver to select higher resolutions.

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