Star Wars Battlefront

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

When playing Star Wars Battlefront on a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, you may experience the following issues:

  • When the Mixer Config is set to Hardware, you may experience hitching and stuttering in the game. We recommend adding the command line switch /audiomixbuffer 50 to a Battlefront.exe shortcut, which improves this issue. It may also help to reduce the maximum number of sounds that are played simultaneously by adding /audiomaxchannels after the previous switch. Reducing the maximum number of channels to 16 with the switch /audiomaxchannels 16 should remedy the audio stuttering when using this card.

NOTE: Adding this switch helps correct stuttering, skipping, or hitching in the games soundtrack. To do this:

  • Navigate to the GameData folder where you installed the game, right-click on Battlefront.exe and select Create a Shortcut from the menu.

  • Right-click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties from the popup menu.

  • Set your cursor after the parenthesis at the end of the path in the Target dialogue box.

  • Hit the space bar once and then type /audiomixbuffer 50.

  • Click the Ok button.

  • Launch Star Wars Battlefront from the shortcut you just made.

IMPORTANT: You cannot use command line switches with the Battlefront shortcut created during installation. This shortcut points to a different executable file.

  • The rear speakers may not function as designed. Adjusting the Output Mode in Audio Options does not correctly change the speaker configuration. This occurs because the Output Mode is using the speaker configuration that is selected in the Turtle Beach control panel.

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