Star Wars Battlefront

M-Audio Revolution 7.1

When playing Star Wars Battlefront on M-Audio Revolution 7.1, we recommend that you select Sensaura/Game Mode in the Surround Sound section of the M-Audio Control Panel. You may experience the following issues when you select other settings:

  • When this option is set to No Surround Processing or SRS Circle Surround II mode, you may experience severe framerate hitching in the game, making the game unplayable.

  • When this option is set to No Surround Processing mode, you may not hear sound effects playing from the rear channels.

  • When Surround Sound is set to SRS Circle Surround II or No Surround, you may hear static in sound effects when the Mixer Config is set to Software with Effects enabled.

  • When Surround Sound is set to SRS Circle Surround II, there will be no voices in the game. This does not occur when set to Sensaura/Game Mode or No Surround Processing.

  • You will be unable to set Mixer Config to Hardware unless Surround Sound is set to Sensaura/Game Mode.

NOTE: When using Sensaura/Game Mode, sound will not play from the rear speakers when the speaker setup is set to 4.0 Surround Sound (Game). Setting the speaker setup to 4.0 Surround Sound corrects this issue.

Windows 98SE/ME: When using this card with manufacturer driver version Revo_1026_web (4.13.0001.0047), you may also experience the following issues:

  • Only the front two channels will be heard in the game. No sound will be heard from other channels.

  • There will be a one second lag between an action and the corresponding sound effect for that action.

  • The voiceovers announcing the Jedi Heroes in the game may be sped up.

    IMPORTANT: We recommend that you check for updated drivers with your hardware manufacturer which may correct these issues.

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