Star Wars Battlefront

(Note to Laptop Users): What video drivers should I be using for my graphics chipset while running the game under Windows 2000/XP?

We officially tested Star Wars Battlefront using the latest ForceWare reference driver (v. 61.77) for the nVIDIA GeForce cards from and using the latest ATI Catalyst reference driver (Catalyst 4.9 - v. 6476) for the ATI Radeon series of video cards from

NOTE: We recommend using the latest video reference drivers with the game. However, if your system is under warranty, please check with your hardware manufacturer before installing any new driver on your system.

IMPORTANT: If you have a laptop system with an nVIDIA GeForce Go video card or an ATI Radeon Mobility video card, you must use the latest driver provided by the laptop manufacturer. You should check with the laptop manufacturer to find out how recent their latest driver is and which reference driver version it is based on to determine if the game should work with your hardware.

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