Star Wars Battlefront

Should I have other programs running in the background?

Generally, we have found that it is not a good idea to run any other programs in the background while playing Star Wars Battlefront. Please turn off any active screen savers while running this game, as they may interrupt the game and cause problems. Various video, sound, or memory problems may occur if other programs are running, including virus-detection utilities. You may need to disable or close programs that start automatically when Windows is started, such as the Microsoft Office Toolbar and the Live!Ware Creative Launcher. Some of these programs display icons on your system tray. If you have icons on your taskbar, right-click on each of them and select the option to disable, unload, exit, or close them before running Star Wars Battlefront. The next time you start your computer, these items will load once more and the icons will return.

If you cannot disable them from the taskbar and you experience problems running Star Wars Battlefront, we recommend that you consult Windows Help for information on how to remove shortcuts or how to keep other programs from running in the background.

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