Star Wars Battlefront

How do I check my system for DirectX support?

After you have installed Star Wars Battlefront and DirectX, you may want to determine whether DirectX supports your computer hardware. To do this:

  • Select Help from the Star Wars Battlefront launcher.

  • Select Analyze your Computer.

  • Click on DirectX Diagnostics. This takes you to the DirectX Diagnostics screen.

  • Click on the Display 1, Display 2, Sound 1, and Sound 2 tabs.

  • If you are experiencing any problems while running Star Wars Battlefront, we recommend that you test DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectSound on their respective screens. If any of these tests fail, please check for updated drivers for the hardware that failed the test. If you continue to have problems after updating the drivers, we recommend that you contact the hardware manufacturer of that device for further assistance.

NOTE: The Display 2 tab will only be available if you have two video cards in your system for a multi-monitor support. The Sound 2 tab will only be available if you have two audio devices on your system. This tab will be available if you are using USB Headsets.

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