Star Wars Battlefront

What do I need to do to properly configure my firewall or router for Internet play?

Firewall software is designed to prevent hostile action from outside your computer or network from affecting files on your hard drive. Internet gaming activity can seem like such action to this type of software. You may encounter problems trying to connect to a multiplayer game if your computer is behind a firewall. Please refer to your firewall documentation for suggestions on how to allow specific programs to operate through it if you do not intend to temporarily take it down, or ask your network/system administrator for assistance.

In addition, many routers designed to share one Internet connection among more than one computer have firewalls built into them. Please refer to the GameSpy Firewall support web page by clicking here for further information on how to use GameSpy with firewalls.

In general, routers should be able to connect to the game without modifications needed to the router. However, if you are experiencing connection problems and are using a router, we suggest bypassing the router and connecting directly to your connectivity device. If your problems cease while bypassing the router you can try these things:

  • Try resetting your router to its default settings.

  • Check your router manufacturers website for any available Firmware updates. If available, download and install those.

NOTE: Star Wars Battlefront was tested with various routers to ensure that the gaming experience is not hindered by possible disconnection issues. The following personal routers/home firewalls were tested with Star Wars Battlefront and are able to be used under their default configurations. If you experience a problem connecting to the Star Wars Battlefront server, we suggest that you set your router back to its default settings.

  • Asante FR3004C

  • Belkin F5D5230-4

  • D-Link DI-604 Rev. A/B/C, DI-614+, DI-714P+, DI-764, DI-624, and DI-804V

  • D-Link DI-704P

  • GigaFast EE400-R

  • LinkSys BEFSX41, BEFSR41 v.2, BEFSR81 v.2, BEFSR11 v.2, BEFVP41, NR041

  • LinkSys Broadband Wireless G WRT54G

  • Netgear FP114P, FVS318, and RP614

  • SMC SMC7004ABR and SMC7008ABR

  • SMC SMC7004VBR

  • SOHOware NBG800

  • SpeedStream SS2602 and SS2614

  • U.S. Robotics Broadband Router Cable and DSL Internet Access

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