Star Wars Battlefront

What can I do to improve overall gameplay experience if I'm encountering Internet performance issues while playing the game online?

The time of day can have an impact on your connection quality. If you have trouble playing Star Wars Battlefront over your Internet connection during peak hours, you might try playing later at night or at other times of the day to get a better quality connection. Setting the game to display at a lower screen resolution or setting Texture Quality to Low in the Video Options menu may also increase performance while playing the game.

  • Dropped Packets: Each piece of data that is sent over a network or the Internet is called a packet. It is important for all of these packets to be delivered intact and in a timely manner for a smooth multiplayer experience. The Internet can frequently drop packets (lose them) depending on the quality of your connection and the amount of traffic on the Internet itself. If packets can't get through between a player and the Star Wars Battlefront servers due to a poor connection, some issues may occur.

  • Latency: Latency is a measure of the time (in milliseconds) that it takes for data to travel round-trip from one computer to another over a Network or the Internet. On the Internet, high latency can cause game performance to degrade severely. When playing any game over the Internet, it is important to have a low latency connection. High latency will contribute to poor multiplayer performance and decreased stability.

  • Connection Problems: If you are consistently having trouble with dropped packets or latency, the following are a few things you can try to help with your connection to the Internet:

    • Disconnect and reconnect to your ISP.

    • Try another ISP. Some Internet providers have slow or congested networks and are not suitable for gaming. If you consistently have trouble joining games or lose connection after joining a game you may have an unreliable ISP.

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