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Why am I having difficulty browsing or accessing files on the CD-ROM disc under Windows 98SE/ME?

If you are having trouble accessing or using files on the CD-ROM or Hard Drive in Windows 98 or Windows ME, your drives may be running in MS-DOS Compatibility Mode. To check this:

  • Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.

  • Choose Properties.

  • Click on Performance.

  • Look at File System:

It should say 32-bit. If this field states that any of your drives are using MS-DOS Compatibility Mode, your drives are not configured properly to run under Windows 98 or Windows ME. This will greatly decrease the performance of your computer, and may not allow you to access programs that are written for 32-bit file access only. This may be caused by:

  • IDE or SCSI interfaces that are not properly set up under Windows.

  • Inappropriate drivers for IDE or SCSI hardware.

  • Proprietary CD-ROM drives.

  • Computers that do not support LBA (Logical Block Addressing) modes except through software, such as Dynamic Drive Overlay, which allows the computer to see the whole capacity of large hard drives.

  • Software Viruses.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing this problem, please contact your computer manufacturer or a computer technician for assistance in correcting this problem before attempting to install the game.

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