Star Wars Battlefront

Why am I encountering a CD-ROM access error message when attempting to launch Star Wars Battlefront?

A blue screen CD-ROM access error might be a symptom of one of these problems:

  • You may have a dirty or scratched CD.

  • Your CD-ROM drive may be having trouble reading the disc. This is common on some 8X (eight speed) CD-ROM drives.

  • Your CD-ROM drive may be getting old or worn.

  • Your CD-ROM may not be properly installed in Windows.

First, check your CD for any dirt, fingerprints, smudges or scratches. To clean your CD, wipe it gently with a soft cloth, moving in smooth strokes from the center hub to the outer edge of the CD. If your CD looks fine, replace it in the drive and see if you continue to have this problem. If the problem persists, please try testing the drive with a different CD.

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