Boot Disks

Find the game that you need to make a boot disk for and then choose the appropriate boot disk instructions: Real Mode or Protected Mode.

Check out Examples Of Startup Files for information on startup files (autoexec.bat and config.sys).

The following games run in Real Mode: Media Type
Battle Hawks 1942 Floppy Disk
Day of the Tentacle Floppy Disk and CD-ROM
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Floppy Disk  and CD-ROM
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Floppy Disk
Loom Floppy Disk
Maniac Mansion Floppy Disk
Monkey Island 1 Floppy Disk
Monkey Island 2 Floppy Disk
Pipe Dream Floppy disk
Sam & Max: Hit the Road Floppy Disk
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe Floppy Disk
Their Finest Hour: Battle of Britain Floppy Disk
Tie Fighter Floppy Disk
X-Wing Floppy Disk and CD-ROM
Zak McKracken Floppy Disk
The following games run in Protected Mode:
Dark Forces
The Dig
Full Throttle
Rebel Assault 1
Rebel Assault 2
Sam & Max CD-ROM
Tie Fighter CD-ROM

The fastest way to correct the majority of all problems with our games is to make a boot disk. The main function of a boot disk is to configure your system optimally for a specific application or game. The boot disk removes any applications or programs that might conflict with the game and optimally configures the memory to meet the game's requirements. Creating a boot disk will not alter the startup files on your hard drive. To restore your system to "normal", simply remove the boot disk and restart your computer.

The boot disk making utility included with of our games is intended to make the creation and use of a boot disk easy to accomplish with a minimum of fuss. Unfortunately, since everyone's systems are not exactly the same, a degree of "tinkering" is required from time to time.

If Windows 95 is preinstalled on your system, the DOS drivers (CD-ROM drive, video card, mouse, and sound card.) may not be present. Please contact your computer manufacturer for the DOS drivers for the hardware stated above and then add these new drivers to the boot disk.

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