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LucasArts And Blockbuster Join In Exclusive Retail Agreement For Indiana Jones® And The Infernal Machine™ For Nintendo 64


LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC today announced that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for Nintendo 64 will be distributed in December 2000 as a retail exclusive with Blockbuster stores nationwide. The action-packed game can be rented at participating Blockbuster store locations.

Nintendo 64 titles have consistently been one of the most popular video game rentals at Blockbuster, and the retailer will employ their "Guaranteed To Be There" program at participating store locations for Indy's Nintendo 64 debut. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine also will be available as a previously played game (PPG) in Blockbuster stores following its new release period.

"This distribution arrangement represents a unique retail opportunity for LucasArts and Blockbuster and will greatly benefit Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine," says Mary Bihr, vice president, worldwide sales and marketing for LucasArts.

"We think this is a great product, and we're pleased to be working with LucasArts to make it available to Blockbuster customers," says Steve Lundeen, vice president of interactive merchandising at Blockbuster. "The Indiana Jones franchise is very compelling, and will bring new excitement to both the format and to our gaming customers."

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine challenges Nintendo 64 players to join the renowned archaeologist in a thrilling globe spanning race to thwart the Soviets' frantic search for clues to the mysterious Infernal Machine. The game carries a "Teen" rating from the ESRB for animated violence and features several enhancements over its critically acclaimed PC counterpart, including game control, graphics, environmental audio and dynamic lighting. The game's official strategy guide is being published by Prima Games.

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