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Naboo Freedom Fighters Clash With Evil Trade Federation Forces In LucasArts' Star Wars®:Episode Ibattle For Naboo™; Join The Resistance On Nintendo 64


The greedy Trade Federation has invaded pastoral Naboo, and the vile Neimoidians are wreaking havoc on the peaceful world. The planet's people have been imprisoned...; or worse. But a handful of resistance fighters have rallied to defend their homeworld. LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC challenges players to strike back on land, sea and air in the Nintendo 64 action-arcade title Star Wars: Episode I Battle for Naboo. Inspired by the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron™, the game is being developed in conjunction with Factor 5 LLC and is expected for release in fall 2000.

In Battle for Naboo, players clash with Trade Federation battle droids, droid starfighters, battle tanks, and numerous other enemies while progressing through sixteen immersive levels. Throughout the game, players will leap into a variety of Episode I and original Star Wars vehicles and traverse a wide range of environments, from the city streets of Theed to snow-peaked mountains.

"Battle for Naboo follows the tradition of the award-winning Nintendo 64 flight action game, Rogue Squadron," says Tom Byron, director of product marketing for LucasArts. "The game extends the genre by incorporating a wide variety of vehicles and massive levels. Star Wars fans will be enthralled by Battle for Naboo's storyline, which introduces a host of new characters and locations to the universe."

Although Battle for Naboo intersects Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace at key plot points, the storyline is entirely original. Players will assume the role of Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, a young and dedicated Naboo soldier fighting to defend his planet. In his quest to free Naboo, Sykes must master multiple vehicles, including the fast and agile N-1 starfighter, a heavily armored battle STAP, a stolen Trade Federation gunboat, and the powerful Gian speeder, to name a few. Each vehicle has different strengths, weaknesses, and weapons; understanding these factors will be a key to victory.

Gavyn's missions span both the planet of Naboo and it's immediate orbit, allowing players to visit dozens of new and familiar locations. At these sites, players will be immersed in many different combat scenarios, including air-to-air, ground-to-ground, and air-to-ground battles. As in Rogue Squadron, players also will be able to seek out hidden power ups, weapons, and secret vehicles to use against the numerous Trade Federation forces.

Battle for Naboo's dynamic difficulty adjustment ensures that all players, regardless of skill level, will find the title easily accessible and challenging. As they progress, the game continually evaluates the player's performance and adjusts the levels accordingly. Thus, extremely skilled players will always find the game engaging, while novice pilots can continue to hone their skills as they venture through each thrilling mission.

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