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LucasArts' Releases Power Macintosh Version Of Star Wars®: Episode I Insider'S Guide, A Richly Entertaining Exploration Of The Phantom Menace


LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC invites Power Macintosh owners to journey behind the magic of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace with the release of Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide, a robust and detailed work that brings to life all the sights, sounds and scenes of the extraordinary film. Through thousands of all-encompassing entries - from special effects facts to filmmaker interviews to scripts and cinematic secrets (plus a few surprises) - Star Wars fans will be entertained and informed about the first amazing chapter of their favorite galaxy, far, far away.

"The Insider's Guide for Macintosh provides an excellent source for insight about Star Wars: Episode I, and a tremendous chronicle of all the new additions to the Star Wars canon," says Joel Dreskin, product marketing manager for LucasArts. "With the Guide now available on the Power Macintosh platform, a whole new audience will have access to countless hours of entertainment and a rich exploration of the fascinating and vast Star Wars universe."

Insider's Guide is organized into a variety of easy-to-navigate sections comprising thousands of details about Star Wars: Episode I, with such key chapters as Characters, Technology, Vehicles, Locations and Behind the Scenes. Additional sections include timelines, and a look at the fascinating extended world of Star Wars: Episode I novels, comics, games and more.

Interactive sections highlight a wealth of imagery, trivia, behind-the-scenes facts and figures, useful cross-links and lots of surprises. Sections break down as follows:

Scene by Scene - Details Star Wars: Episode I through facts and images, including the full screenplay with annotations and trivia.

Characters - From Qui-Gon Jinn to Darth Maul, Mace Windu and beyond, this section provides complete descriptions of all primary characters, prominent groups, as well as creatures, and aliens.

Locations - Describes various worlds and locales throughout the Star Wars: Episode I universe, including many sites on Tatooine, Coruscant and the new planet of Naboo.

Technology -- An overview of the all-new weapons, vehicles and droids in Star Wars: Episode I, with more than 300 pieces of original art, including rotating 3D models and video clips.

Behind the Scenes -- An in-depth look at the cast, crew, personnel, special effects, and casting process.

Expanded Universe - A synopsis of Star Wars sources outside of the films, along with a look at the expansive world of Star Wars: Episode I merchandise.

Glossary -- A searchable database with more than 500 entries accompanied by detailed descriptions and imagery.

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