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LucasArts Seeks The Proud And The Few To Command The Armies Of The Star Wars® Universe In The Epic Real-Time Strategy Game, Star Wars: Force Commander


LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC seeks new recruits to join the ranks of the military elite to assemble, deploy and direct Star Wars forces to victory in the real-time strategy game Star Wars: Force Commander, expected to release for PC first quarter 2000.

Whether waging battle with the armies of the resourceful Rebel Alliance or powerful Galactic Empire, the relentlessly challenging Force Commander will offer full-scale, ground-based combat over a vast array of engagement theaters throughout the Star Wars universe, all fully rendered in 3D. 

"Force Commander will embrace the latest 3D acceleration technology to the fullest extent, allowing a level of realism not previously possible," says Tom Byron, product marketing manager for LucasArts. "Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire™and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, LucasArts' first 3D accelerated titles, established new standards for game graphics. Force Commander will take 3D to the next level, providing the ultimate showcase for the technology."

Force Commander gameplay unfolds through a dynamic story, taking the player across the galaxy as a Galactic Empire commander and leader in the Rebel Alliance. The action will move the player through worlds both new and familiar from the Star Wars universe.

Force Commander missions span the Star Wars trilogy, beginning just prior to the search for the droids on Tatooine from Star Wars: A New Hope, and climaxing after the dramatic ending of Return of the Jedi. Highlighting the intense ground combat in Force Commander is the Galactic Empire's crushing assault at the Battle of Hoth waged in the motion picture, The Empire Strikes Back.

Mission objectives in Force Commander include establishing a base of operations, capturing strategic buildings and units, and the complete destruction of enemy forces. Additional missions may involve the devastation of a key target or taking a defensive stance by holding off an enemy's attack long enough to allow allied forces to retreat, similar to tactics employed by the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Hoth.

Force Commander is expected to feature more than 50 individual Star Wars personnel, vehicle and building units that players amass while fighting for the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire. Players direct all major strategic aspects of a mission, including the requisition and command of combat units, the gaining of experience while engaging the enemy, and exploration of a 3D world, all while participating in a growing dynamic Star Wars story. Ground troops range from squadrons of Imperial stormtroopers and Rebel soldiers to various classes of droids. Vehicles abound for both the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, including never-before-seen tanks, missile launchers and troop transports. Forces are rounded out with familiar Star Wars vehicles such as AT-AT and AT-ST walkers, Y-wings and TIE bombers.

Skirmishes take place on such diverse Star Wars worlds as the dense tropical forests of Yavin 4, the searing deserts of Tatooine, and Corellia's grassy plains. New locales include the computer complex on Ruul and Coruscant's forbidding polar icecap.

The latest 3D technology will allow for environments in Force Commander that are more immersive and realistic than previous games in the real-time strategy genre. For instance, a floating camera provides players with multiple perspectives, while an attached camera mode thrusts the player into the midst of the battlefield, allowing them to experience the conquests and stinging defeats along with their forces.

The game can be played in single or multiplayer mode with up to 4 players via the Internet or local area network. Force Commander will run under Windows 95/98. Force Commander will require 3D acceleration.

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